First Gathering Running Man Palembang

First Gathering Running Man Palembang was held on April 21th 2013 in Palembang. The participant gatherd at BKB to get the first mission. Before the mission started, 2 days before the event, the participant had given the crossword to find the first place mision and the time. And i had done the crossword, and i found the place and the time.

In BKB at 10.00 am, there are a lot of participant, maybe 40 people gather around at BKB, First, the participant have to pick a paper contained with the nametag which is has the name of the Running Man Team like Yoo Jae suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Joong Kook, Gary, Haha, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Gwang Soo. The participant cannot see the paper, they has to pick it randomly. And i got Gary as my name tag.

To find my team, i have to imitated Gary's unique moves, dances, or expressions. We were not allowed to imitated with words. At that time, i was doing "stress's move", like i have to knock someone head. And others people were doing Gary's dance moves, Gary's speechless face, Gary's lolol, and many more. we had found our teamates, and we have to find our VJ. This is the hardest, we have to find the VJ and said "stress" or "lolol" to others people we dont know. It takes a lot of time, and we started to give up and beefing. In the end, the comitee gave us a sign of the VJ, and then we run to him n found him. We are the last team. OMG.

So, the next mission started, The VJ gave us a reward, he gave us a piece of puzzle, and then we went to PS Mall using public vehicle. On the Way to PS, our team decided who want to hide the puzzle, so they decided me. We arrived at PS and the VJ gave us a paper written "Kue Wortel" so we hace to find a place sell "kue wortel" and we found it in PSX, there's a  resto was selling Carot Cake, and we met the commitee, they gave us a mision to but 3 stuff (glue, cutter, tape), we couldnt buy it more than Rp 15000. And we did it, we got a piece of puzzle, we hide it behind Kak Pipit's nametag.

Next mission we went to PTC, and the VJ gave us a hint paper " makan dihadapan berlian" / eat infront of diamond. We thought it was Diomond which sell stuffs, so we went upstairs and near that Diomond there are alot of food court, and we suspicious with some people sat near Fun Zone, and they were singing KPOP, so we gatherd around them, and said "dont walk, run" they have to reply "start". But they look confused n then smiled at us. One of my team very curuious about them and ask them some hints to them, but unfortunately, they respond us and played us. The VJ smiled at us while he took a video. In the end, the VJ said "they're not, wht are u doin with them?" and he laughed, and we were very embarrassed, it took a long time and we were wrong. We went downstairs, there we found the real Diomond, it was a supermarket and very close to food court. We found a girl sat on the chair, while she was playing with her notebook, and alot of KPOP stuff on the table, So we said "dont walk,run" she replied "start", at last we found her, and the mission is we have to buy 2 DVD, running man dvd, and the movie which has running man team played the role. But one person have to take a ride on kiddo train n she have to take a picture of the staffdirector of the train. Once she had done, so the mission end. So we run around the groundfloor to find DVD's retail, and we got running man dvd and nice guy dvd. We did it. we got a piece of puzzle, we hide it behind Chesa's nametag.

And the last place is at KI Park. Before the mission start we were resting. And the next mission is Takji War. Before it started, we have a race, who blow the tissue faster. All team line up and the VJs was behind their each team to catch the tissue. Me myself is on the first line, the commitee hung a tissue infront of my face, and start, i blew it over and over again. after 3 times failed, we success as the 3rd winner. So we take a    hint paper about what will we have to make a takji, and we got HVS paper. Other teams, there are thin Carton, thick carton, binder  paper, tabloid, and many more. So the takji War start, the first winner is from Jaesuk team.

And the final Race started, it the most wanted race. The race to eliminated other team with ripped their nametags off. The area was too small, and we got 7 teams contain 5-6 persons. We just have play throughout the road, and there's no place to hide. The race played brutally, and everyone was very passionate to win. One of my teammate was OUT. She didint aware of the people around her, so she went to jail. The nametags was very hard to ripped, so they lay down on the road, tryna to save their nametags and 2-4 people gather her and force her around. wow so crazy....i got once, 2-3 girls around me and force me so i have to lay down so the namtag hard to ripped. In order to make a race be a safe race, the VJ has to count 1-10 on the people whose nametags forcely being ripped. At last I safed.....So my teammate Tio make an Alliance with one of Song Ji Hyo's team named Tri, we tryna to eliminated a boy from other team, but he escaped.

The race was paused, Cuz od the nametags very hard ti ripped, the commitee make a new rule, the nametags has to be put 1/2 from the white back. I gave my puzzle to my teammate, i gave it to Dessi. When the race Start, everyteams didint seem want to move, the commitee count 1-10, if we still didnt move the race failed, so we move, but unfortunately, only Gary's team didnt make an alliance with other teams. So tehy garhered around us, and suddenly my nametags ripped by someone, and when i saw him, it was a boy from Song Ji Hyo's team who before it make an alliance with us, he felt sorry and i just silent n went to jail. In the end, there were only 4 persons from Song Ji Hyo's team, 1 person from Haha, and one person from Gary. Haha team and JiHyo team tryna to ripped Gary, and the he is out. But the funny is, 1 person from Haha team has to face 4 person from Jihyo team, and at last JiHyo's team Win the race.

The puzzle was a picture of Kartini, she was Indonesian woman' hero, April 21th was her birthday, even tho it was Korean variety show's game, we wont forget our nationality.


  1. haiii malisa...akuu juga ikutan 1st gath RM palembang kemarin,dan aku juga udah review di blog aku ttg 1st gath, aku kmaren dpt nametag team Jisukjin,padahal aku pgn banget dpt nametag nya Gary,salam kenal yahhh

  2. lam knallll.....oo..ini kak nuning 06 jg nak arsitek, angkt 09...tim jisukjin ada si vika kan...


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