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Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

Who Play who, if someone make a movie about Pink Floyd

If Pink Floyd make a movie about their legendary rock band, i wonder who's actor gonna play as syd, roger, david, rick, nick? 

as Roger Waters, Adam Driver

as David Gilmore :
 Travis Fimmel (born July 15 1979)

so how about the actors who play as Syd barrett, as Richard Wright, as Nick Mason? i don't looking for them

Kurt Cobain and Jared Leto

Kurt Cobain and Jared Leto, Look a like

The frontman from Nirvana and the frontman from 30 Second To Mars
 Kurt Cobain (mtv unplugged 1993)

 Jared Leto

Kurt Cobain

Jared Leto

Kurt Cobain Look a Like

Just found something, i knew this pic from Nirvana official facebook page, a guy posted this pic, and i found this pic from this blog  you can check it...
it was a festival, Queens Day 2011 in Amsterdam

Rabu, 03 Februari 2016

Arts Everywhere

Some Arts I Found The Way Home on The Street

Portrait-like Gravity
Just walk on the road and found something cought my eyes, a portrait of a beautiful woman, not a painting, but kind of gravity art like. You can find it at Jl. Bangka Raya, Jakarta Selatan (Indonesia)

Minnions Movie Adsvertisment
See, it wasn't me upside down, but the ads...i like the concept, it's very describe how silly the minnions are. Taken on june 12  2015 at Sudirman Commuter Line Station, Jakarta Selatan. 

Ball-like dolls?? hanging Ads
Ball-like dolls?? hanging Ads inside the commuter line (train). I forgot the brand, i don't have to say it, do i?...

Ads on the floor?
this is female brand adsvertisment, it was in female wagoon train, they totally serious about this ads, LOL..even they put it on the floor.

Scary face mosquito ads
he looks so evil...