Evil and Un-grown Up Man

The admin of  THIS web page, is just a sensitive people who needs attention and praise, they hated it if someone ever gave them any critiques and an honest words.

1. Picture 01

When they are on  their business page and they earned money for that, this is what they just going to do, they just blamed someone else when they just got a simple critique?

We just decide that they just have a sensitive heart with a evil head (same with us). 
They just take it too personally, 

2. Picture 02

They always posted every comments, which they didn't like, on their facebook page. For who doesn't know what is the web is...This is a web to download a free japanese old 80's -90's anime with indonesian subtitle. Well those free videos are definitely ILLEGAL and they take advantage of those.

As Picture No. 01 tells us, on the facebook post, that the customer told them that their subtitle was kind of NG (not good), the customer said that he/she just gave her/his opinion, and not to take it personally. 
As if the admins of the web page has a sensitive heart and they didn't like that tiny little comment/critique, so they deliberately posted it on their facebook page and told the world that they got insulted from this tiny little comment. As the admin also posted an answered " we just subbed it for your entertainment only, and we didn't take any advantage out of that ". 

Hey everyone, i want to ask you something, just try click and download any file from this web, what will you face? The ads...
What wiil they get if you click it, even just one click, they will get Money from all the ads. Was that they call it no take advantage at all?
for all their hardworks, that's quite fair.

3. Picture 03

What is the picture no.03 about? The admin framed their customer with that screenshoot picture from the chat of the admin's mobile phone. And what is Bego means? It's mean IDIOT. This is the missunderstanding between the customer and the admin, and what the sad thing about that? that They intentionally call that customer IDIOT and they proudly post this picture on their facebook page. Well, as you already know, facebook is the place for this admin shared their lability.

This admin is really proud of his ability to translate japanese to indonesian by hearing. While he illegaly shared all the videos from Japanese TV without official permission from those Japanese Tv channels.

There's nothing easy to get a money, 

Who wonder what they are like? or he or she is like?

This web page gave customer option to donate their money to the admin, in order to make the any anime prioritized to be finish. Well here if you want to see their name.

Can you tell what is the name? is it a female human or male human? 

This person really loves anime

We got that pictures from Budingker Collections, seems like he have a lot of web to share his interest in anime or k-pop. 

He seems very smart and educated

seems like busy boy who loves anime and stuff

We don't know which admin loved to framed and blamed someone on their facebook page. They seem like a good persons, but those posts on their facebook are just totally embarrassing. They are in their mid-20's, a grown up age for them. 


Credit to thereverendofjustice.blogspot.com


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