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Selasa, 12 Agustus 2014

V BTS Cut His Hair On BTS Danger MV Teaser

I think he looks so good with this long dark messy hair..kinda cool and manly for me...
and that pic scene is remembering me of Kenichi Matsuyama (Japanese Actor) with this kinda long dark messy hair..looks soo cool..
This is when V cut his cool hair...why did he cut it, its look so nice on him btw...
 Why doesnt he keep his hair that way??thats wayyy better than ordinary k-pop bright hair guys...Cuzz I don't like guys with bright color hair..but it depends on who is it, if u're caucasian or half caucasian n u have bright hair of course its looks nice n suit on u. But for "asian" (especially east asian n southeast asian) with bright brightttt hair??? i dont think its suit u well..
im not racist btw, it's just my opinion. i'm also asian...Indonesian is one of asian, right??? haahaaha..u know, asian is not always about people from "THE EAST"...
This is his daily looks, with that bright color hair
Behind The Scene**

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