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Jumat, 08 Agustus 2014

Mariah Carey Face Transformation

Mariah Carey is the best female singer for me beside Whitney Houston, her amazing 6 octaves and all her freaking notes are just incredible. I think, in the year of 90's - early 00's are Mariah Carey's best time, her voice is just in the best condition and also her look, from the mid. 00's her voice kinda crack, i think she lost her amazing octaves here and also her fance kinda changed. 
Name : Mariah Carey
Birthday: 27 March 1969
Occupation: singer, song writer
Genre: pop, RnB

Here are some Mariah's Old Pics from the late 80's till now
Mariah in late 80's
Mariah in early 90's
Mariah in middle 90's
Mariah in late 90's
Mariah in early 00's
Mariah in mid. 00's
Mariah in late 00's
Mariah in early 10's

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