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Rabu, 30 Juli 2014

Legendary Funny Face Dance Michael Jackson's Style

I dont know who the first person invented this dance, is it michael jackson or not..this face dance was seen in Michael Jacksong's Speed Demon realeased in 1989..
if u don;t know the MV click bellow..
This is the scene when Michael Jackson did the face dance, btw, i dunno wht's the exact name..
This is when the dance existed in South korea in 80 -90's. Park Namjung made this dance become a legendary dance to all south korean, from the kid to the grandma. This is when Park Namjuung as a guest in Running Man, maybe he was known for the korean MJ..
In South Korea they know it for ㄱㄴ dance , those are korean alphabet.
 Running Man MC, Yoo Jaesuk danced this funny dance..and so all the RM members
Running Man DJ Donghwan gives a dance sign to all RM members 
The first time i knew this dance was when i watched TVXQ Balloons MV and U-Know dance so funny like this one..

do u know the first person who invented this dance...???? Plzzz tell me..i'm so curious..

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