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Rabu, 30 Juli 2014

IU Brings Back Kim Wansun's 80 - 90's Song "The Pierrot Laught at Us"

IU brings back Kim Wan Sun old song from 80 - 90's..The Pierrot Laughs at Us, IU gave us the 80 - 90's looks with chic and retro style. In the Teaser IU invited Kim Wan Sun for the Video teaser and dance with her.
Kim Wan Sun when she was young
Kim Wan Sun now, so gorgeous...
Kim Wan Sun as a guest in Running Man Eps. 122 80 -90's Legend Special...Kim Wan Sun is known for The Korean Madonna. In Running Man she was singing and dancing her old song The Pierrot Laughs at Us as the introduction of the guest.

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