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Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Lindsay Lohan Face Transformation

I like Lindsay Lohan since she was a little kid, she is multi talented, she can act, sing, and dance...her face has changed a lot..

Name : Lindsay Dee Lohan
Birth: July 2, 1986 New York City, New York, U.S
Occupation: Actress, model, recording artist, producer
Genre: Popdancepop rockteen pop
Height: 167 cm

when she was a kid

when she was growing as a teenager

when she was a teenager and looks chubby and healthy

when she was a new lady

When she was sick...maybe..

risih liat muka dia yg kayak org pake obat2an terlarang, tangan w gatel mw benerin muka dia..
when she was lil "sick" i've repaired her face to make it look better with photoshop, but it turned too much n looks very different...

Now, she's finally already back to her career...
when she is back to normal...maybe..she is beautiful, but maybe look older

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